A Curated Collection

Site Description
Thousands of free fonts from Google.
Examples of beautifully-paired fonts.
Get the name of any font you find. There’s also an app.
Fontjoy uses artificial intelligence to create font pairings.
A fantastic free and paid font resource.
Learn to pair fonts in this fun online font dating game.
Learn the art of kerning (adjusting the space between letters for maximum legibility) with this great online kerning game.
Site Description
Royalty-free photos, videos, fonts, icons, and more in one place.
15K+ free stock photos across 31 websites.
Find visual inspiration for your slides: search for “graphic design”, “identity kit”, etc.
Slideshare: get inspired by other presentations.
A collection of ready-to-use vibrant gradients. You can download image files, or use the hex codes.
ColorSpace is one of many available tools that helps you pick out a color palette for your design.
YouTube has countless videos on graphic design, presentation tips, and more. Search for typography, graphic design, composition, color theory, etc.
Site Description
Amazing iOS app to digitize, edit, organize, and share post-its you’ve used for brainstorming.
Adobe Creative Cloud is the de facto design software suite. It’s not free, but it’s the industry standard for professional designers. You’ll use Photoshop to edit photos (raster graphics) and Illustrator to edit vector graphics.
Edit photos, images, and raster graphics. An installable free Photoshop alternative.
A web-based photo editor and free Photoshop alternative.
A free installable application to edit vector graphics; the free Illustrator.
Fantastic software for PC and Mac to allow you to record and annotate screen capture videos for your presentations.
Slidebot uses artificial intelligence to design slides for you. A tool worth checking out; the free version allows you to play presentations through their website.
JoinByText allows your audience to text their email address to an abbreviated phone number and transfer that to you for post-presentation follow-up. It integrates with mailchimp, one of the best email management systems out there. There’s a two week easy-to-cancel free trial.
Site Description
GCF LearnFree created a brief introduction to the core principles of graphic design. Short, well-produced YouTube videos are included.
Great tutorials on basic design principles using Canva, an online design tool. Canva also offers articles on design-related topics and lecture notes + slides for design workshops.
Lynda.com: a good subscription-based resource for learning design and presentation skills.
A great article on the design principles behind pairing typefaces.
Garr Reynolds is a catalyst in the presentation industry. His books on designing and giving presentations are staples for any presenter.
Nancy Duarte is one of the presentation industy’s greatest minds. All of her books are exceptional. Provide your contact information to read her book Resonate online for free.